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Week 15 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on May 10, 2010 by comegitsome

This week my site really came together. In previous weeks I had alot of trouble with my templates. Through the online conference, Prof Schuster was able to help me resolve the issues. So I was able to copy and paste most of my content into the new template pages. I didnt make a whole lot of content changes. I did add the gallery pages although the images in them are just temporary right now. I was FINALLY able to add text over my header image. That had been a real problem for me. Anytime I would add the text it would push my nav down. I didnt know I had to subtract the height of the text from the top position of the navigation. It was a pain in the butt. Other than that my site is almost finished. Just a few tweaks here and there. I would say its about 80% finished right now. With the exception of the gallery pages, I could be using it right now as my portfolio site.

I found that in the group project, we all had pretty much the same problems with the site. Navigation issues, color problems, and indexing. Im looking forward to see how everyone handles the problems. I have a feeling they will also be very similar.

We all chose this site for our field trip file: New York Public Library

The other two I chose out of everyone’s posts were the Pratt Library, which I also chose in the original post, and the Cincinnati Library, which I thought was a good representation of what the NAW site wanted to do.


Week 14 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on May 3, 2010 by comegitsome


This week was crazy. Alot of headaches. My website is coming together nicely but im hitting a lot of speed bumps. I had to start over because I changed something and it blew apart my layout and I couldn’t figure out the problem. But, for the most part my homepage has come together just as I had originally planned. The portfolio page is getting there but I still have a lot to do. Im trying to make it so that you click the thumbnail and the image pops up over the site while the site is slightly darkened. I have the thumbnails set up but im still working on the other part of it. The resume and contact pages are both pretty much done. The only thing I need to do to them is make them a little more attractive. Right now they feel pretty boring. I might add some more images to them. Im not sure yet.

We also started the case study this week. I enjoyed it. Now that we know a lot about how websites are created, its easy to see what has been done well and what has been done poorly. I may not know how exactly the good things are done or how the bad things can be fixed, but I have a general idea. I chose the Los Angeles Public Library, The New York Public Library, and the Pratt Library to show examples of a good library website. The NAW site has a lot of good things. Their information is organized very well but it’s mostly the design elements that need work. The content is there so its not too bad.

We are getting near the end and I feel like I have learned a lot. The online aspect is making it a little difficult to troubleshoot problems but Im working through it.

Week 10 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on April 4, 2010 by comegitsome

There was alot of fun stuff this week. I feel like we are almost to the point where we can start to make really cool websites. I found the lynda exercises very useful today. I never knew that with both fireworks and photoshop, you can create a functional html mockup. Its really neat how you can slice up all the images and use them on your page. I feel like it has opened up a whole new world in photoshop! The DigitalJenn excercise really helped reinforce what we learned. The slice tool is super easy to use and I think I will be using it all the time in the future. Also, on a side note…I never knew you could group layers in photoshop up until a few weeks ago when we learned it in a lynda video. Now, i use it all the time. Sometimes it can get confusing when you have 20-30 layers and the group function makes it super easy.

The other big thing this week was working on our design comps more. I was pretty close in the first pass so I was able to really focus on the details this go around. I reworked my header a little bit by changing up my logo and adding an editable phrase that can be used in search engines. I also added a link to my resume in the navigation.

There were lots of vids this week! (There are 2 other parts)

Week 9 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on March 28, 2010 by comegitsome

This past week focused alot on Selectors and Typography. We learned about them in previous weeks but there was a heavy focus on Class and ID selectors this week. There was also some reading on Typography. I learned the editable text on the web is not anti-aliased. If you want to use text that is anti-aliased, it must be shown as a graphic.

We also completed our banner and animation designs. Im very happy with how they both came out. Expecially my spring banners. I feel like I made an attractive, yet functional design. Over week 8 and spring break we did our design documents. I enjoyed creating the storyboards. It really helped to start to draw out how it would look. And by creating a morgue file, my design changed many times. Gathering all the ideas really helped alot.

Here is the reading:

Week 7 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on March 8, 2010 by comegitsome

This week we learned about search engines, domains, and animation.

We had a few lectures on how search engines work and how we can be effective in making sure our sites are shown in the search engines. For example, a good tip we were given was to use hyperlinks on homepages to get better search engine results. We also learned tips on creating a good domain. For example, they should always be easy to type.

The most useful piece of information I got from the readings was the article about creating a good webpage. I am guilty of always going with the header first. It makes a lot more sense to develop the content first, and then worry about where the header should go, and how it should look. I think designers make the mistake of thinking that the header is the most important element on a page. While being very important, its the content that makes a page what it is.

We had a lot of practice this week with animations. I knew a little about animations in photoshop but I didn’t really know what all I could do. I liked how we had the follow along exercise because it gave a good, basic overview of how to develop an animated banner. And then it was fun to use that information, and create a banner from scratch using whatever tools we thought necessary. I have to admit I missed doing some html stuff this week, but designing the banner made up for it. Im in this class for the design aspect of it so anytime we get to do something creative like that, i really enjoy it.

Also, i really started getting into the design document. Most of the thoughts on my site were just merely thoughts but I started putting stuff down on paper. Im glad that we have to do the design document first because I have already changed my mind about a lot of things and it would have been a pain to do that while creating the site itself. The biggest change was that I originally would have had 3 pages. An intro, about, and gallery. But now it has developed into a lot more. Im going with a portfolio site for myself because i REALLY need a good one. Now, it will be useful people who just want to see my slimmed down portfolio as well as anyone who enjoys my work that may want to see everything I have done. My old portfolio site just has my portfolio and a brief about section. Now i will include more galleries that give people the chance to see more of my work if they choose.

Im excited to get it going so hopefully we start creating elements of our sites with the software.

Here are the articles:

Optimizing Animated GIFs

GIF shareware

12 tips for A Good Domain

Search Engine Placement Tips

Web Design Tips <<My favorite article this week

Week 6 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on March 1, 2010 by comegitsome

Week 6 was another fun week. We were able to do some more work on our banners which was fun. Im pretty happy with how mine came out. Its a little plain but i figured that I didn’t want it to be too distracting. I also enjoyed the resume assignment. I really like doing the html coding. As I said in a previous post, I think I like it more than I thought I would.

We learned alot more about CSS this week. Before this week it was mostly learning about it and not really applying it. This week we got to put it into action. The reading that had CSS overview really helped out alot. It provided a lot of useful information. Its all starting to come together. Im learning alot about html and how it works. CSS was a mystery to me before. I didn’t know what it meant and how it was used but im starting to understand how useful it is. Also, im really starting to LOVE Dreamweaver. It literally takes seconds to connect to the FTP and upload files. It’s so easy a caveman could do it.

Here are the articles we read. Very interesting stuff.

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