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Week 5 of Web Design

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 by comegitsome

This was a good week. We were able to do some designing of our own with the banner comps. I enjoy doing stuff like that. We were introduced to the final project which is basically creating an entire website. Im really excited about that. Especially because I think im going to create a new portfolio site for myself which I really need.

We reviewed CSS this week. Which was good because it helped reinforce what I learned before. We were introduced to imagemaps. Which are very usual on the web today. They are useful for making clickable areas in images that can be used in a variety of ways. I enjoyed the reading on texture. I am borrowing a book from a friend of mine so everytime I take the quizzes i draw a blank but i did enjoy the chapter. Texture is really what makes a website pop visually. The Top Ten Web Mistakes was a great read too. It definitely helped me realize some common mistakes that I could be prone to make. The Text Links was also helpful in the same way. I always thought rollover links were kind of useless anyways because as soon as you see your mouse pointer change, you know its a link.  I had the misconception that it was the right thing to do though. Now i know better!

As far as the image optimization goes, much of it was a review. Ive gotten pretty used to knowing how to save an image for the web while doing myspaces and such. However, I was unaware of the export wizard. I found that very helpful. I like how you can bring the 4-up view up and tweak the settings as much as possible to see just how small you can get the file. Very neat.

On a side note, im pretty used to the workflow now. It was a little hard at first but it’s gotten alot less confusing. Im looking forward to learning more.

Brian Out.



Final Project Proposals

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 by comegitsome

1. New Portfolio Site for Myself

Right now I have a portfolio site at Its built using a flash based design program. I can’t really do a whole lot with it and I would love to give it an upgrade. As a graphic designer I feel that my site should be both attractive and functional. I would also feel very proud knowing that I built my entire site using HTML that I created. On the site will be several sections. An about page,  a portfolio page for my design, a portfolio page for my photography, possibly a page with my resume, and a contact page. I have tons of photographs and designs I will use. I might do something where i have a section for 8 to 10 of my best from design, and from photography. And then have sections where I include ALL my best work incase people are really interested and want to see more.

2. Maryland Music Scene

This is an idea for a website that myself and a friend have had for a long time. A close friend runs a production company called Falling Star Productions that puts on shows featuring local musicians. He has been wanting to do an e-mag type thing where he monthly issues about the Maryland local music scene. I would create a website for it as well as the first issue (the magazine itself is more of a side project). The whole site wouldn’t be just a magazine. The magazine would just be one or 2 pages worth. There would be a page that has links for bands. A page for shows in the area, local record labels, etc. It would contain all the information that both fans and musicians would need about the music scene. I would use mostly information from the internet from sites like myspace and facebook. Get info on shows, bands, etc. I have photographed a lot of concerts so I could use alot of that for stock photography throughout the site. It’s something that i think could be very fun to do…as well as challenging.

Week 4 of Web Design

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 by comegitsome

There was alot of information to take in this week. We did alot more with Fireworks and basically just used Dreamweaver to upload files. We are starting to get more into the actual artist design of a website was nice. I really liked the lecture and reading on color. I found it very informative.

We reviewed alot on Fireworks but its good because I was still feeling a little confused. Its starting to come together more. I was really confused about creating shapes after the CAT274 instructions but it became a little clearer after going through the practice files. After going through this videos im learning alot more about the interfaces then i thought i would. I didn’t know how useful they were. Especially the 2up and 4up views. They are great for optimization.

Im really starting to enjoy writing out HTML. I thought it would be kind of boring. I use it when i make myspaces but its alot more fun when you know you are creating something from scratch. I just also downloaded notepad++. Ive been using wordpad and i like how notepad++ gives you the line numbers and what not. And color codes everything. We are learning ALOT of information and I feel like if i was tested right now i wouldnt remember all of it. But we seem to be using all the info we learn each week more and more as we go on so by the end of the class I feel like I will really have a good idea of what im doing. I cant wait to do more!

Heres the Vids!

Fireworks Intro

Fireworks Interface

Importing and Exporting

Smart Guides

Kuler Color

Styles and Symbols


Week 3 of Web Design

Posted in Uncategorized on February 11, 2010 by comegitsome

This week we learned alot of different things. The thing that stuck out the most to me was the introduction of Adobe Fireworks. I never knew what this program was used for up until this week. It combines elements of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and more. It is best used to create web mock-ups to setup the look of a page before it is actually created in Dreamweaver.

There was a review on link types (absolute and relative) and we were introduced to the 3 main image formats. JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Jpegs are used for images with a wide range of colors such as photographs. However, they are compressed and each time they are changed and saved, they lose image information. PNG and GIF files are used for images with less color variation. They are good for simple images such as logos, simple graphics, and text. GIF files also support animations. We also were showed the different ways you can display and image on a page. A big part of this weeks lesson was image optimization. What i got from it is that your goal is to achieve the best image quality possible, while keeping file size as small as possible. Jpegs usually require alot of compression is this will make the image quality go down.

One of the more interesting parts to me was the reading from our book. I learned alot about layout and composition. I know what websites are well made and attractive but i never really saw all of the elements that go into it. The most useful information was the grid theory/golden ration/rule of thirds stuff. It really organizes a page that keeps it easy to navigate and attractive. I also learned about the important elements that make a good page (Balance, Unity, Repetition, Emphasis, Contrast, etc.)

It was definetly alot of information to take in this week. I did like the Kona page assignment. We kind of created our own mini site. Also I really liked the video that showed us how to customize our workspace in Fireworks. It really makes it easy to work the way you want. And it can be applied to almost all of the Adobe CS4 programs. The lynda files were kind of boring this week but I gained alot of knowledge about Fireworks through them.

Below are all the video links from this week.



Brian Out!

Week 2

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2010 by comegitsome

This week we learned a lot more about actually creating webpages.

I learned the difference between absolute and relative links. Absolute links can direct you anywhere on the internet and relative links will direct you to a local area on the site such as another page. There was a brief introduction to formatting images on a page.

The most exciting thing we did was being to create our first real website. We were given instructions that included a slideshow and videos on how to setup a site in dreamweaver. There were also some helpful videos from adobe that explained the process a little more.

So far its getting a little easier to keep up with everything. Now that I have 2 weeks worth of work under my belt im beginning to pick up on things a little faster. I was also more prepared this week for the amount of work i would be doing. I still have to get the to the portion but i have all the ANGEL material out of the way. Im pretty excited to start working on some websites!

Week 1 Summary

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This week, we learned most of the basics of simple web design. We were told how the internet works. There are computers that are servers that hold the information, and then users/clients access those serversWe learned the most common terms such as “HTTP,” “URL,” etc. We learned that web pages can be built either by creating code from scratch, or using programs such as Dreamweaver. But all webpages are built using xHTML coding. We also learned how to create a VERY simple web page that lists our schedule for the week.



Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!