Week 15 of Web Design

This week my site really came together. In previous weeks I had alot of trouble with my templates. Through the online conference, Prof Schuster was able to help me resolve the issues. So I was able to copy and paste most of my content into the new template pages. I didnt make a whole lot of content changes. I did add the gallery pages although the images in them are just temporary right now. I was FINALLY able to add text over my header image. That had been a real problem for me. Anytime I would add the text it would push my nav down. I didnt know I had to subtract the height of the text from the top position of the navigation. It was a pain in the butt. Other than that my site is almost finished. Just a few tweaks here and there. I would say its about 80% finished right now. With the exception of the gallery pages, I could be using it right now as my portfolio site.

I found that in the group project, we all had pretty much the same problems with the site. Navigation issues, color problems, and indexing. Im looking forward to see how everyone handles the problems. I have a feeling they will also be very similar.

We all chose this site for our field trip file: New York Public Library

The other two I chose out of everyone’s posts were the Pratt Library, which I also chose in the original post, and the Cincinnati Library, which I thought was a good representation of what the NAW site wanted to do.


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