Week 14 of Web Design


This week was crazy. Alot of headaches. My website is coming together nicely but im hitting a lot of speed bumps. I had to start over because I changed something and it blew apart my layout and I couldn’t figure out the problem. But, for the most part my homepage has come together just as I had originally planned. The portfolio page is getting there but I still have a lot to do. Im trying to make it so that you click the thumbnail and the image pops up over the site while the site is slightly darkened. I have the thumbnails set up but im still working on the other part of it. The resume and contact pages are both pretty much done. The only thing I need to do to them is make them a little more attractive. Right now they feel pretty boring. I might add some more images to them. Im not sure yet.

We also started the case study this week. I enjoyed it. Now that we know a lot about how websites are created, its easy to see what has been done well and what has been done poorly. I may not know how exactly the good things are done or how the bad things can be fixed, but I have a general idea. I chose the Los Angeles Public Library, The New York Public Library, and the Pratt Library to show examples of a good library website. The NAW site has a lot of good things. Their information is organized very well but it’s mostly the design elements that need work. The content is there so its not too bad.

We are getting near the end and I feel like I have learned a lot. The online aspect is making it a little difficult to troubleshoot problems but Im working through it.


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