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Week 10 of Web Design

Posted in Web Design on April 4, 2010 by comegitsome

There was alot of fun stuff this week. I feel like we are almost to the point where we can start to make really cool websites. I found the lynda exercises very useful today. I never knew that with both fireworks and photoshop, you can create a functional html mockup. Its really neat how you can slice up all the images and use them on your page. I feel like it has opened up a whole new world in photoshop! The DigitalJenn excercise really helped reinforce what we learned. The slice tool is super easy to use and I think I will be using it all the time in the future. Also, on a side note…I never knew you could group layers in photoshop up until a few weeks ago when we learned it in a lynda video. Now, i use it all the time. Sometimes it can get confusing when you have 20-30 layers and the group function makes it super easy.

The other big thing this week was working on our design comps more. I was pretty close in the first pass so I was able to really focus on the details this go around. I reworked my header a little bit by changing up my logo and adding an editable phrase that can be used in search engines. I also added a link to my resume in the navigation.

There were lots of vids this week! (There are 2 other parts)