Weeks 3-5 of Internship

Things are going well at Sports55. I feel like im part of the team now. I start my day by making sure all hat setups are done. Most of the time they are so I head right over to the art dept. and get to work. I can pretty much get my day started without seeing the supervisor now. I access the computer system that tells me what work needs to be done. I start by doing all of the fangear pages. Usually there are only 1 or 2. Then when I’m finished that I move onto vinyl setups. Most of the time there are none so I go onto artwork revisions. Its basically taking customer input and making appropriate changes to their jersey mock-ups.  Sometimes it involves altering logos, resizing things, changing colors, etc. Pretty simple but sometimes it allows me to be creative. Especially when they want a lot of changes.

On occasion I get to do a mock-up. Thats creating the entire jersey from scratch. Sometimes the customer supplies a logo, or tells us kind of what they want. Other times that pretty much say “be creative.” I’ve only done a few but I have a feeling that as time goes on, they will ask me to do more. Im still learning Corel Draw but im slowly getting the hang of it so soon I should be able to do alot.

I still prefer the Adobe products over Corel though. They run better, are more intuitive, and are so much easier to use. Ill admit that Corel is easier to learn in a shorter amount of time. But Illustrator blows it out of the water in almost every category. Every day people are yelling and cursing about Corel crashing or freezing. In fact, i have to avoid certain tasks because it will freeze my machine. I cant resize text without it crashing. Numbers are ok, but letters will crash it. I have yet to have any problems with Adobe and I experience problems with Corel every day. Sorry for the venting, I just hate Corel lol. Its not my place to say anything, but if they switched over to Adobe, they would be a lot more productive. It would take some time to switch over, and retrain everyone. But they would love it in the long run.


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