Week 7 of Web Design

This week we learned about search engines, domains, and animation.

We had a few lectures on how search engines work and how we can be effective in making sure our sites are shown in the search engines. For example, a good tip we were given was to use hyperlinks on homepages to get better search engine results. We also learned tips on creating a good domain. For example, they should always be easy to type.

The most useful piece of information I got from the readings was the article about creating a good webpage. I am guilty of always going with the header first. It makes a lot more sense to develop the content first, and then worry about where the header should go, and how it should look. I think designers make the mistake of thinking that the header is the most important element on a page. While being very important, its the content that makes a page what it is.

We had a lot of practice this week with animations. I knew a little about animations in photoshop but I didn’t really know what all I could do. I liked how we had the follow along exercise because it gave a good, basic overview of how to develop an animated banner. And then it was fun to use that information, and create a banner from scratch using whatever tools we thought necessary. I have to admit I missed doing some html stuff this week, but designing the banner made up for it. Im in this class for the design aspect of it so anytime we get to do something creative like that, i really enjoy it.

Also, i really started getting into the design document. Most of the thoughts on my site were just merely thoughts but I started putting stuff down on paper. Im glad that we have to do the design document first because I have already changed my mind about a lot of things and it would have been a pain to do that while creating the site itself. The biggest change was that I originally would have had 3 pages. An intro, about, and gallery. But now it has developed into a lot more. Im going with a portfolio site for myself because i REALLY need a good one. Now, it will be useful people who just want to see my slimmed down portfolio as well as anyone who enjoys my work that may want to see everything I have done. My old portfolio site just has my portfolio and a brief about section. Now i will include more galleries that give people the chance to see more of my work if they choose.

Im excited to get it going so hopefully we start creating elements of our sites with the software.

Here are the articles:

Optimizing Animated GIFs

GIF shareware

12 tips for A Good Domain

Search Engine Placement Tips

Web Design Tips <<My favorite article this week


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