Week 2 at Sports 55

This week went a lot smoother than last week. I only worked 2 days this week instead of 3 like last week. I had them completely caught up on their hat embroidery stuff so my supervisor gave me a new task. Although I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of it, some customers get enough work done that they have their own “fangear” page. Basically we create a whole page worth of merchandise that either the team or fans can purchase. Going off of their original artwork, we put their logos onto hats, sweatshirts, shorts, towels, etc. A lot of it is as simple as just placing logos. But im given a little creative freedom in the way some of it is created. For example, we create full sublimated hoodies that are based on a teams jersey. This means the jersey can look however we want it to. There are no graphical limitations. Its fun because I like to use elements of the original artwork to create a whole new design that feels like it belongs with everything else. I also enjoy it because it takes some time and that means I have plenty of work to do.

The only thing I havent really liked about the experience is the lack of work they have for me to do. Usually I end up going home earlier than I planned. John, my supervisor..and company co-owner, would gladly let me stay and hang out in the art department, but sometimes that can get kind of boring. If im not being productive its hard for me to stay motivated to stay. But, as they are teaching me more and more things to do, im becoming more occupied. I think we are heading towards a point where i can just work on many different projects throughout the day. I’ll do some hat setups for a while, and then do some vinyl stuff, maybe some fangear, and then some mock-ups or revisions.

They are teaching me ALOT of different things. I think the original plan was to show me one or 2 things and let me work on them for a while. But im picking up things very fast and getting everyone all caught up on what they need to do so it’s giving me more opportunities to learn new things. A few months from now, i should be able to do every art related job they have at least a little bit well.


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