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Week 2

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This week we learned a lot more about actually creating webpages.

I learned the difference between absolute and relative links. Absolute links can direct you anywhere on the internet and relative links will direct you to a local area on the site such as another page. There was a brief introduction to formatting images on a page.

The most exciting thing we did was being to create our first real website. We were given instructions that included a slideshow and videos on how to setup a site in dreamweaver. There were also some helpful videos from adobe that explained the process a little more.

So far its getting a little easier to keep up with everything. Now that I have 2 weeks worth of work under my belt im beginning to pick up on things a little faster. I was also more prepared this week for the amount of work i would be doing. I still have to get the to the portion but i have all the ANGEL material out of the way. Im pretty excited to start working on some websites!


Week 1 Summary

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This week, we learned most of the basics of simple web design. We were told how the internet works. There are computers that are servers that hold the information, and then users/clients access those serversWe learned the most common terms such as “HTTP,” “URL,” etc. We learned that web pages can be built either by creating code from scratch, or using programs such as Dreamweaver. But all webpages are built using xHTML coding. We also learned how to create a VERY simple web page that lists our schedule for the week.



Hello world!

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